Apart from Bulandshahr Violence, there are 4 major incidents of UP, who opened the ‘Ram Rajya’ poll of CM Yogi


CM Adityanath (CM Yogi Adityanath) the poor law and order situation of the government of the Socialist Party first came to power (UP Law and Order Situation) had made a big issue.

Questions on the status of law and order in Yogi Sarkar
Questions on the status of law and order in Yogi Sarkar

Lucknow: The Yogi Sarkar in Uttar Pradesh has been in discussions about the law and order system since its inception. Alam is that now the people of UP Police are not safe. The murder of the inspector in Bulandshahr Violence is a recent example. Let me tell that the CM Yogi Adityanathhad made a big issue before the law of law and order Situation in the time of the Samajwadi Party government before coming to power. During that time, he had said that every party living in UP will feel secure if his party is formed. But after coming to power, UP Law and Order Situation There has been no significant improvement in the situation. In such a situation now, the events happening in UP have started to question the Yogi Adityanath (CM Yogi Adityanath). Let us know five of those big events which have opened the poles of the Yogi Government’s law system …

1. Controversy happened on January 26

in Kasganj Republic Day in Kasganj in Uttar PradeshOn the day of the two groups was very fierce. There was also a person’s death in this violence. While some were seriously injured. A large number of police forces were deployed in the area after seeing the agitation increased. In addition to the police, the RAF detachment was also deployed to handle the situation. Later in this case many people were taken into custody for questioning. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath had instructed him to maintain peace and harmony and deal with the hardships. Due to the seriousness of the matter, Additional Director General of Police (Law and Order) Anand Kumar had told that people of a faction had taken stones at the rally at the Bilram Gate intersection of Mathura-Bareli highway in Kasganj town Kotwali area. Controversy started with sloganeering.

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2. Apple’s manager shot dead

in Lucknow a few months ago in Lucknow, Apple’s manager Vivek TiwariThe murder also raised serious questions on the law system of the Yogi government. Explain that Vivek was murdered by the police constable. According to the police officials, the police beat Vivek because they refused to stop their SUV car during checking. The incident was from Gomti Nagar extension area. In this case, the police had said that Vivek Tiwari was driving a SUV car with one of his female companions. Two policemen present on patrol asked him to stop the car but he did not stop the train and tried to run away from the spot. In this order the constable of the police fired on him. Be aware that in the matter of killing Vivek Tiwari, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath had said that it was not an encounter. This incident will be investigated. He also said that if required, orders of CBI inquiry will also be given.

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3. The fake question on the fake encounter has

led to the Yogi Sarkar on the encounter between the culprits and police running for some time in Uttar Pradesh Has been in disputes. Fake encounter killers on policeThere is accusation to do. The Yogi Government is facing an attack against opposition parties for such an encounter. The opposition has accused the Yogi government of having such an encore for its benefit. A few days ago, Along with the two encounter in Aligarh, the police had alleged that he had called the media and shot him. Naushad’s mother, who was killed in this encounter, told the whole encounter to be a fake. He alleged that the police had taken his boy up and lifted him. However, the police continued to deny all these accusations. In front of the media’s cameras, they kept pelting and carrying photos. Each one of their shots was imprisoned in the cameras. They killed two boys, who had been accused in six murders in Aligarh last month. Now Naushad’s mother says that her son was picked up by police on Sunday.

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4. The murder

case of BJP leader in Lucknow is on December 4 when some unknown people hadkilled Goddess Pratyash Tripathi by killinga BJP leader in the city of Lucknow. After the murder of the BJP leader, the accused managed to escape from the road and were absconding. After receiving the information of the incident, the police reached the spot on the spot and sent the injured leader to the Trauma Center, where he died during treatment. As soon as the death of his leader, a large number of workers reached Trama and started committing a ruckus. After the arrival of senior officials on the spot, a large number of police forces were deployed and after a lot of trouble, the situation was overrun.

5. The killing of the police inspector at

Bulandshahar, according to a report from Bulandshahr, on Sunday night in the forest of the village of Mahav in Kotwali area, allegedly unknown people found the remains of cattle. On receiving this information, the anger spread among the people. Angry people reached the spot and allegedly reached the Chingravati police post on Monday morning by filling the cattle residues in the tractor trolley. According to sources, the angry mob attacked the Bulandshahr-Gadh State HighwayThe tractor trolley jammed the road and started shouting slogans against the police administration. On receiving the information, SDM Avinash Kumar Maurya and CO SP Sharma arrived. After this people got angry and they began to stone the police. The unruly mob blew up many police vehicles. Along with that, the Chancharathi police post was set on fire. During this time someone shot at the police inspector Subodh Singh. He died on the spot.

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